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Dr Hiroshi Nagata D.V.M.

Born in 1949. Obtained veterinary license in 1972 and opened a private clinic at Miho Training Centre in 1982. Recognised as one of Japan's leading equine veterinarians for over thirty years.

He is a member of the Japan Veterinarian Association and Japanese Society of Traditional Veterinary Medicine. He is also a member of AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioner)

Dr Nagata has travelled to the USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Italy, New Zealand and Australia visiting major racecourses and studying equine therapies such as laser therapy, chiropractic practices and acupuncture and is the first and only equine veterinarian in Japan combining the knowledge and skills of traditional European medicine, natural medicine and chiropractics.


Sydney, Australia
Email: ozinfo@ausan.com.au