Japan Racehorse Management
Japan Thoroughbred Services - JTS

Racing Authorities and Tracks

Main Japanese racing organisations:

The Japan Racing Association - JRA

The National Association of Racing - NAR

The JRA conducts racing under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the NAR tracks and are under the control of municipal racing authorities.

The JRA conducts racing at 10 tracks throughout Japan:

Tokyo Racecourse, Nakayama Racecourse, Kyoto Racecourse, Hanshin Racecourse, Sapporo Racecourse, Hakodate Racecourse, Fukushima Racecourse, Niigata Racecourse, Chukyo Racecourse and Kokuro Racecourse.

The NRA conducts racing at:

Obihiro Racecourse, Asahikawa Racecourse, Mombetsu Racecourse, Sapporo Racecourse, Morioka Racecourse, Chukyo Racecourse, Urawa Racecourse, Funubashi Racecourse, Mizusawa Racecourse, Ohi Racecourse, Kawasaki Racecourse, Kanazawa Racecourse, Kasamatsu Racecourse, Nagoya Racecourse, Sonada Racecourse, Himeji Racecourse, Fukuyama Racecourse, Kochi Racecourse, Saga Racecourse and Arao Racecourse.
Sapporo and Chukyu racecourses conduct both JRA and NRA meetings

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